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officers plan to treat sex offenders on halloween night. >> reporter: we will see law enforcement target a small number of sex offenders to get them off the street. but there's other areas that want to ban all sex offenders from participating on halloween and that effort has failed. we know of two things 2-year- old christopher likes to do that's to run and trick or treat. >> i love taking him trick or treating. candy she loves candy. >> reporter: his mother also looks forward to halloween and supports laws that stops sexual predators from participating such as putting out decorations or giving out candy. >> if you're on megan's law list don't bother. we don't want our kids around you. >> reporter: every year, parolees are banned from decorating or keeping porch lights lit on halloween night. but that only applies to parolees. the city of orange in southern california passed an ordnance to force all sex offenders to put a warning sign on their front door on halloween night. but a group called california reform sex offenders law fought them in court and won. we talked to that group
uncalled for. >> the relationship between the community and law enforcement is strange. >> he says those concerns are shared by many in the community and it is time that the elected officials step up. >> transparency and honesty and integrity, they don't feel they have that right now. what dialogue can we create to ensure that we have that, it is quite frankly does not exist right now. >> the the community mourning andy lopez, the community can heal. >> just know that this thing is not going to be in vein. >> we have to do this from occurring again. we have to start building and focusing on bringing the community together and better relationships between law enforcement and the community. >> before the funeral service, more than 1000 people marched for andy lopez today of the largest to be held in his name. >>> protestors made their way t shauf in sew shauf in santa rosa. >> i came as a father and my heart is broken for the family. >> the question was whether the teen would be kill if he was white instead of latino. it was only later they discovered it was an air soft bb gun made it look
of cyber bullying and that is why i did a remarkable partnership in south florida with local law enforcement who had gone into schools talking about bullying, including cyber bullying and giving people concrete examples of things of situations they saw, it was remarkable. and that is why we will continue to do that work. so i hope today as we move forward you will understand that we are in this together with you at the department of justice. this is an all hands on deck enterprise. there is so much to do. i hope at the end of this day we will indeed all follow the lead of that student, walk out and say what are one or two things i'm going to do differently and better? how are we going to improve this situation? i hope if you take one and only one thing from melinda and my and ruslyn's remarks today, if you have an idea, please bring them to us. we want to learn from you. we are in this together and i want to say thank you because the most important thing we have is a recognition that you understand that this is indeed a national issue for us to deal with. i'm looking forw
, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> thank you. >> tomorrow law enforcement will take part in operation boo. under state law patrolled sex offenders must follow special requirements on the night of halloween. they include a 5:00 p.m. to 5:00 a.m. curfew, no derkerations and no -- derkerations and no off -- decorations and no offering candy to children. you can find out if there are any sex offenders living in your neighborhood by visiting the megan's law website. we've put a link at ktvu.com under the hot topics tab. >>> a delta airlines flight headed to san francisco landed safely after making an emergency landing in a remote area of alaska this morning. the 767 departing from tokyo was headed to sfo when the plane experienced a loss in cabin pressure. according to the faa, the flight landed without incident at cold bay airport. cold bay is on the western edge of the alaska peninsula and has a population of 108. >>> a special state hearing on b.a.r.t. workers' safety is scheduled for november 7th. the hearing comes in the wakes of the deaths of chris shepherd and larry dane yells. they -- daniels
. the ntsb has tried to fix the problem. >> ntc for years has advocated for a change in state law that would require any car once it leaves the lot to actually have a license plate. >> reporter: but so far, they have had no success in sacramento. >> those folks that are using the toll bridges and not paying for that crossing put a greater on us who do pay our tolls. >> reporter: tonight i checked with the ntc and they said anyone who is caught violating the tolls and going through without a plate faces fines of $25 and up. they plan to continue working with the legislator to try and change the laws. reporting live in oakland, jana katsuyama, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details now the ntc wants the legislature to require all vehicles to have either a permanent plate or a temporary numbered plate at all times. one proposal would be to require dealer to print and install temporary paper plates before a car leaves the lot. the number would then be entered into the dmv data base. >>> new at 10:00, oakland police are investigating a shooting at the value inn hotel at west mcarthur boulevard. it
a journalist is not something i appreciate we have laws that model the region have positive things in their place and as long as the internet is not shut down one reason i am concerned about privacy is i want people to trust online communication or find things out without being watched all the time. people can now be there are a journalist in many ways they can enter one of those the most interesting about politics of the mideast because they could have a block or get an audience i dunno if you are familiar but there are plenty of people who are stuck give the scholarly mode retracts nobody would reid but now they could find a mass audience there is a lot of debate on the internet the things you were talking about for instance, the chelsea manning. he lives a few blocks from me but rinaldi is seen as a hero. and it to have 500 students who had never heard of them but into a three hours they could learn a great deal in know more about the break-in of his psychiatrist office what the government did. i don't like to get baum doubt that we lost hour old mechanisms. i am understand. tel
. they are already under fierce attack from republicans over the health care laws. obama now faces democratic concerns that the troubled start of the insurance program will cut into the political benefits that the party received from the government shutdown and might cost government -- democratic candidates in the next elections. was named asgh most responsible. to fix it entrusted was jeffrey zeitz. this followed a meeting between vice president joe biden and democratic freshmen. it appeared that the white house would have to do more to reassure democrats who emerged from the shutdown confident of their political fortunes. onublicans have roared back a wave of anger over the health care law. people are anxious. richard derman said -- richard durbin said he did not think there was confidence. this is more of a show me moment. we were all confident that the system would be up and running. we are not confident until it is real. the anxious include senators and house members facing hotly contested races. inre are also lawmakers states with republican governors who have done nothing to promote th
as free review of obama care. >> getting an assessment of obama law. >> reporter: or a witchcraft stake out. >> democrats want to make it work, republicans don't. >> reporter: house lawmakers, probed, praised or picked it apart. >> we're only four weeks into this one and already declaring it dead. >> now we're told everything will be okay very soon. why should the american people believe you now. >> reporter: the woman in charge of the problem plagued obama care website in her testimony a major maricopa to the public. >> i want to apologize to you that the website has not worked as well as it should. >> new questions over promises made by obama. >> if you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor. >> reporter: if you like your health care plan, you will be able to keep your health care plan. >> reporter: that's not exactly the case for millions of americans in the individual insurance market. an insurance industry source says the majority of americans with individual plans will find their policies changed or everyone cancelled under obama care rules. the white house says those who's pl
council to propose a change in the law. the council going to allow whether to allow wild pigs to be shot within city limits they're a problem at almaden country club. >> reporter: one of the city councilmen proposing this change in the law says he's heard from his constituents, some afraid to go out on halloween venl the pigs can get up to 200 and 300 expounds can carry diseases. if the law is changed shooting a pig will require a state permit allowing that when the animal is a threat to life or property. this video taken by san jose resident ted barikmo shows the feral pigs in his neighborhood. san jose city councilman johnny cammus says they can be a threat to people. he wants to have them trapped, shot and killed within city limits. but right now, san jose law prohibits discharge of a firearm within city limits except for police, or in self-defense, today and he a councilman asked for a ordinance changing that, allowing for the discharge by a licensed trapper only for the purpose of killing the feral pigs. >> the memo is allowing us to use the gun. in the city. in the city limits. >>
is live on the ground with the growing crowdant the law enforcement re- - crowd and the law enforcement response there. >> reporter: good afternoon. this crowd is growing. there was a deep sense of anger many people in the community. we're in old courthouse square where people are beginning to gather. i should say the sonoma county sheriff today is saying that he's calling for help from neighboring agencies to make sure this protest doesn't get out of hand. he's particularly concerned about protesters outside of santa rosa. let me show you video here. occupy oakland is actually busing people up here for what is expected to be one of the largest demonstrations to date related to the shooting death of andy lopez and people will be getting on buses in oakland and coming up for the demonstration. the crowd will be marching over to the sheriff's department's main offices. one week after 13-year-old andy lopez was shot to death by a sonoma county sheriff's deputy, more than a thousand people are expected to march through the streets of santa rosa. many of them are students who are leaving cla
they don't trip and they wear something bright so drivers can see them walk across streets. >>> local law enforcement also reminding drivers not to drink and drive, there will be patrols throughout the bay area. >> i did get out and get the glow sticks, glow bracelets. >> important. >> yeah so get those it is good. >>> all right, 4:38 is the time. halloween celebration on the campus got scary, the explosion that injured two people. >> a loophole in california law us costing taxpayers millions in uncollected tolls, how the state is helping toll bridge cheatses skirt the system. >> good morning, we have wet roads and traffic busy, we will let you know more ahead. >> you know when half moon bay is 39 that tells you the coast is clear so chilly readings but warmer today. how much warmer and will it hold into the weekend? i love watching tv outside. and why can you move the tv out here? the wireless receiver. i got that when i switched to u-verse. but why? because it's so much better than cable. it's got more hd channels, more dvr space. yeah, but i mean, how did you know? i researched. no, i-
of trick or treatedders later today, law enforcement will be out in force, we will tell you what to expect. >> plus the plane had to land on a remote location, we will tell you about it coming up. >> this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, we take you to san jose, oh, a lot of people excited to celebrate -- that is a nice display, some glow in the dark, yeah, that is cool because it shows for us at this early hour many people excited to celebrate, happy halloween, october 31st, i am pam cook. >> i am dave clark, steve a nice forecast. >> yes, yes, clear skies, cold for some, plenty of 30s, 37 santa rosa, napa 36, 40s around, more 30s popping up and 38 at petaluma, san francisco upper 40s but generally around 50 and will end up warmer today at 66 so each day bumping up. those are your temperatures in those areas so a chill there, otherwise severe clear today so sunny and warmer but a cold morning. there might be fog but the air is drier today than yesterday for sure. back into the 70s for some. 60s closer to the water. here is sal. >> steve good morning. we are looking at traf
. >> reporter: kids typically begin to experiment with alcohol. >> reporter: gansler, who is maryland's top law enforcement officials has spoken out against underaged drinking. he and the parents of several teens, rented the home in june, after his son's high school graduation. >> reporter: police here in town say they're not investigating whether adults illegally watched as minors consumed alcohol. they say too much time has passed to prove anything. they've also consulted with delaware state police. >> reporter: those living nearby say south bethany is right for cracking down. >> every parent should be aware of what their children are doing at all times. i don't care whether they're 12 or 19. >> reporter: while the picture has been a blow to ganz bler's bler's cam -- gansler's campaign for governor, what happened at this now quiet beachtown has sparked a nationwide conversation about parental responsibility. >> reporter: gansler has admitted he made a mistake, not investigating whether there was underaged drinking at the party. in south bethany, delaware, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >
state laws to address worker safety for transit workers. certainly the fatal accident will be on the minds of the puc when they gather here this morning put the body of this work started 4 years ago in the wake of the 2008 worker fatality. the puc said then there were regulations in place but nothing that dealt specifically with transit workers in california, so the commission put this together to try to change that. the board is expected to approve this today and it would create a new communication system that would keep all better in line with each other, bart is already taking this into account even though it hasn't been approved yet, bart spokesperson told the times that bart is supportive of the rules and since it is revamping its own rules it is incorporating the requirements and language of this order, but it also looks ahead, suggesting within a year of this order they should have back up alarms and want agencies to have a process for an early warning alarm technology, that would mean something like a portable track train detector, something they could put on t
beyond the website. and that the healthcare law is not as advertised. >> the white house.gov website says if you want to keep the healthcare insurance you want, you can keep it. now they're being told they can't. that's a lot. >> reporter: cbs news is learning that insurance providers are dropping more than 2 million people, and sending them into the government's exchanges. they said the canceled plans did not meet the minimum standards under the law. and americans will benefit from better coverage. in washington, danielle nottingham, wjz eyewitness news. >> wednesday, they plan to grill health secretary kathleen sebelius, while the president plans to defend it in boston. >>> a group of sheriff's deputies in frederick is bringing about change in the state. >> the state has formed a new commission to form interactions with people with disability. ethan saylor died during a confrontation. they were trying to remove him from a movie theater, despite protest from the aide who was with him. it includes public safety officials, prosecutors, agencies and advocates for those with disability. >> a
is maryland's top law enforcement official, has spoken out against underaged drink being. he and the parents of several teens rented a home in june, after his son's high school graduation. >> reporter: police here in town are not investigating whether adults illegally watched as minors consumed alcohol. they say too much time has passed to prove anything. >> those living nearby say south bethany is right for cracking down. >> every parent should be aware of what their children are doing at all times. i don't care if they're 12 or 19. >> reporter: and while the picture has been a blow to gansler's campaign for governor, what happened at this now quiet beachtown has sparked debate about parental responsibility. >> reporter: and gansler said he made a mistake, that he should have investigated whether there was underaged drinking going on while at that party. reporting live at the eastern shore, mike hellgren, wjz eyewitness news. >> south bethany had eight complaints, down from 30 in 2009. >>> the three friends of boston marathon bombing suspect, dzokhar tsarnaev are back in court to investigat
children's lives. we're talking about lives that have been cut short unfortunately sadly by law enforcement because law enforcement didn't have the ability within a split nanosecond to discriminate between the real thing and a fake gun. >> federal law requires imitation guns to have an orange tip at the barrel but it doesn't cover pellet guns like the one lopez was carrying. >>> police departments are warning trick or treaters not to carry anything on halloween that could be mistaken for a weapon. >>> campbell police say four shooting suspects appear in footage captured by a surveillance camera. it shows three men and a woman behind the man with a cowboy hat at the spot the nightclub orchard drive 2 a.m. saturday. investigators say one of the four shot an employee of the club after he asked the group to turn down their music in a parking lot. police say the victim is recovering. >>> drunk driving is suspected in a deadly crash in sonoma valley last night. the chp says a jaguar veered into oncoming traffic and hit a toyota head on. a passenger into the jaguar was killed. all three people in
cut down by law enforcement because they didn't have the ability within a nanosecond to discriminate between the real thing and a toy. >> reporter: federal law requires imitation guns to have an orange tip on the barrel. but the law does not cover pellet guns like andy lopez's. now, the nra had no comment but in the past their position has been air guns and bb guns should not be treated like toy guns and therefore should not be brightly colored. reporting live in santa rosa, cate caugiran, kpix 5. >> following the tragedy in santa rosa, police departments around the bay area are warning trick or treaters not to carry toy guns on halloween or anything else that could be mistaken for a weapon. >>> a five-year-old girl is among three people hurt in a crash up in wine country. chp officers believe the driver of a jaguar was drunk at the time when the car veered into a toyota on 121 in sonoma valley last night. the passenger and the jaguar died. the three people in the toyota were injured. >>> newly released surveillance video shows four suspect in the shooting of a nightclub worker in do
. >> how parents are using the anniversary of their children's death to change laws and protect other families. plus an 18-wheater ends b up hanging over an overpass in southern california. remarkably, the driver survived. a look back at the life of a musician that inspired generations. >> ten years after their 10-year-old son and 7-year-old daughter died in a horrific hit and run crash, a mother and father from danville took a major step forward today to protect other children they want to make sure what happened to them on october 27, 2003 never happens to anyone else. >> we hope to see them some day again in heaven. >> dozens of people gathered in danville to look back and remember troy and elana, their parents are also looking forward, pushing for changes in the laws. today, bob and his wife carmen began circulating a petition for a measure they want on next year's ballot. >> we'll never get troy and elana back, but we have noel going through school and you have your families. so the bigger picture is more about them and protecting them. >> noel is their 7-year-old daughter born t
to that. and it is about state leadership, not just looking at the civil rights laws for protection, but -- and it certainly is our job to vigorously enforce them -- but it is your job as superintendent to (inaudible) even where the federal civil rights laws don't protect you. so it's a case of taking what you are doing, what folks are doing across the country and putting those on places like stopbullying dwofl .org so we can scale those up around the country. >> recognizable face. >> (inaudible) and i'm also head of the san francisco commission on women and the lieutenant governor asked about data. actually we do have data on bullying in san francisco high schools, particularly bullying among lgbt girls. so for the first time this year we've incorporated data that kevin coggin and ilsa (inaudible) provided and their suicide rates are off the charts, lesbian girls in our district. it's actually from the cdy youth risk survey. i want to offer that as a resource to folks in this room and encourage you in this pursuit of data. >> thank you. >> my question centers around the point o
patients as required by law. and the state's concerns over issues like the background checks were being addressed with no offer of assistance from the state after the doors closed. >> so you're in a catch 22 situation. you can't take care of the people that you're suppose to transfer. but there's no resources to transfer them. >> reporter: we poured over the state's report citing a long list of violations from locking residents inside, inadequate amounts of food, sometimes spoiled. improper medications to rodent droppings, human urine, and feces. a spokesman called it unexpectable. >> some people are bedridden as they have no way to fend for themselves. for them to be left behind, it's a pretty terrible thing to do. >> reporter: but the owner's attorney insists she has a heart of gold, losing money by caring for the elderly on fixed incomes until she got sick herself. then simply did the best she could. >> her commitment to caring for folks is evidence that no one else is willing to take them. >> reporter: at end of the state's report, they requested that the owner never owned, worked,
in restrictions on them whatsoever but there is a provision in the law that would put some restrictions on ammunition sales and that is what bothers them. >> you go there and i will hit this here you. >> upon want to do henderson? >> reporter: they are campaigning for gun safety law for sunnyville. >> hello. >> hi. >> hay, can i talk to you a minute about measure c? are you familiar with measure c? >> reporter: promoters say it does a few things to improve gun safety. it requires owners to report stolen guns in 48 hours and keep them locked up or disabled. ban high capacity magazines and requires dealers to record the ammunition sales. >> it is the spur for all of this. >> reporter: that is the sandy hook elementary shooting spree by a 20-year-old that took the lives of 20 1st graders and 6 adults. >> for this community. a think national local campaign. promoted by the mayor, retired fire captain. >> we hear it every day. young adults finding gun in their homes and going to a school and just this past week we had two shootings at schools that involved teachers and stuff like that. it
not have a sprinkler system. since the building was older, sprinklers were not required by law. tonight's meeting is at 7:00 at the fair oaks community center. >>> well, the end of daylight-savings time comes sunday, and this means most of us will be heading home to work in the dark. san francisco police say when we roll the clocks back last year, police saw an increase in robberies near transit hubs and smartphones are often the target. police are heading out today reminding commuters the smartphone glow will shine an hour earlier. >> we noticed there was an increase in robberies around the transit hubs and realizing that people's commutes were during hours of darkness, we wanted to get information out to advise the public of that. >> they're hoping to shine a light on dangers in the dark. officers plan to be more visible around transit hubs during the evening commute hoping to discourage thieves. >>> the maker of the popular seracha hot sauce is face aing lawsuit accused of stinking up the air around the southern california factory. the city of irwindale filed suit yesterday asking a
if our children in terms of the toys we let them play with. >> there was little sympathy for law enforcement during two rallies in santa rosa. >> there is racial profiling, discrimination and bias. >> they could have shot in the leg. >> close to 2,000 marchers ended the roast in front of a guarded sheriff department. it was peaceful with no arrests. if santa rosa for abc7 news. >> san francisco supervisors have unanimously passed a gun control measure that bans people from having large capacity magazines. that is according to the chronicle. it is illegal to sell guns that can hold more than ten rounds in the city but not to have them. the mayor will sign the bill. the move comes weeks after governor brown vetoed a similar proposal to ban the sale or possession of semi-automatic rifles capable of holding a detachable ammunition magazine. >> new details involving a deadly crash in sonoma that seriously injured a child. police believe the driver who causedded crash was drinking. they identified him as 25 years old. the accident happened on highway 121 north of the sonoma raceway. he
tell the american public i will go into exchanges like everyone else? >> sir, the way the law is written -- >> sir, the way the law is written? >> i don't want to give misinformation to the american public >> i want to you go home, research it. if you're wrong, will dwou go into exchanges? if you can, will you? that is a yes or no. >> i will take a look. i don't have any idea. >> that is not an answer, not a yes or no. >> you're the are detective of the program you and won't go into it with the rest of the public.. >> i did not say that. i think it's illegal. if it's not illegal. if it's legal, will you go in? >> come on in, the water is fine. >> very a consent request. i'd like to madam secretary? >> well, when asked who is responsible, she says she should be held accountable. >>> a bay area company offering to help sign up people for insurance while the federal government fixes health care.gov. e health.com has been a health insurance broker 15 years yesterday, the ceo tofrd take over the federal exchange web site and start getting people enrolled. >> we're just offering to
for slightly topped one pedal. it is see this tiny a law that says it's ok to turn on red but the important part is you have to stop first. i guess that's a rule or law whenever you want to call it was missed during driver's training or should i say lack of. [ male announcer ] the founder of mercedes-benz once wrote something on a sheet of paper ♪ the challenge always accepted. and the calling forever answered. ♪ introducing the all-new 2014 s-class. mercedes-benz. the best or nothing. an accident and exactly the same location as one that really bald of the commute yesterday. same thing happening yesterday for 280 southbound in your ride to san bruno. >>erica: starting the morning off and the 30's. 37 degrees and vallejo. 38 degrees out the door and out of. we are seeing 50s for oakland and san francisco.as w'e afternoon. today will be warmer than yesterday. we will continue with the warmth of the next couple of days. we do have some pretty nice weather to look forward to as we head into your halloween thursday. i will break down that part of the forecast coming up in just a couple of m
4 million dollars a year. >> the transportation commission is pushing for a change in state law that would require all cars to have license plates before they leave the lot. now the proposal under consideration would require them to do that that would be entered into the dmv data base. >>> they will hold a hearing following the accident that killed them. they were working on the tracks when they were hit and killed by a bart train. now lawmakers say a policy that makes track workers responsible for their own safety may have contributed to that accident. the bart discontinued that policy shortly after the deaths 10 days ago, a committee now plans to hold a hearing on november 7th in san francisco. >> 4:40, this morning the cardinals hope it is not a bad omen, while they finally landed in boston, they spent section hours last night on the tarmac of the st. louis airport, this plane was ground due to mechanical problems. now despite the long wait the players said everyone had a good attitude, well fed and able to walk around, the red sox lead 3-2 and can win with a victory tonight,
of law enforcement agencies will receive a total of $2 million in federal traffic enforcement grants next year. the biggest chunk, $6 50,000 will go to the paloma police department. the avoid the 13 anti-drunk driving campaign in the county. the rest will go for a ban on texting while driving. >>> investigators say michael brrelove and martin shot and killed martin cruz last week. police say the shooting was the result of a disagreement. police in sacramento arrested martin at a park. both are being held in alameda county jail. >>> bart's largest union will let the public know if its members have approved the tentative contract agreement. 1400 union workers will vote on the deal on friday. the union expects to release the results by 11:00 that night. >>> why is new bay bridge took so long to build and why it cost so much. as chairman of the senate transportation committee, he plans to hold meetings aimed at answering that question. it took 11 years and cost $6.4 billion. >>> new revelations about the extent of nsa surveillance. the washington post is reporting that the national security a
driver. >> a law judge is proposing fines of up to $6.5 million against pg&e in connection with a pipeline record scandal saying the company improperly declared two natural gas pipelines on the peninsula safe and said when pg&e discovered the mistake they delayed telling regulators and was a factor in the deadly pipeline explosion. >> san francisco police chief suhr says he is not immune to crime in the city. at a townhall meeting someone broke into his car in front of his home a few weeks ago and stole a jacket he told attendees at the meeting much the case is "unsolved." >> coming up a treat that can ct be beat with free pancakes. >> a new attraction that could be swimming into the south bay. >> a law could affect what you take to >> the international hall of fame has picked santa clara as the best place to relocate. the hall of fame's 50 year lease in fort lauderdale, florida, helps in 2015. santa clara is the ideal location to move the headquarters because of the storied history in american swimming. half of the members of the olympic teams in the 50's and 60's came fro
hurst. >>> plus how the sla hid out in plain sight as the nation's law enforcement searched for them. >>> welcome back to a second look. as the 40th anniversary approaches of the assassination of dr. marcus foster, we revisit the group that gunned him down. the simbianese liberation army. the sla received more attention for a crime they conducted later. the kid consider kidnapping of patti hurst. >> reporter: police swarmed on the apartment shared by patti and bead. three days later the first of many tapes arrived. >> mom, dad. i am okay. >> we love you patty and we're all praying for you. i'm sorry i'm crying but i'm happy you are safe. and be strong. i know god will bring you back. >> reporter: it was then learned that patty hurst had been kidnapped by a group calling themselves the sl ark. eight months prior to the kidnapping of patty hurst. dr.marcus was kidnapped. the sla claimed that killing. >> the reason they kidnapped her was to trade her or the kidnapped victim for marion little who was in prison at the time. >> reporter: sam base was the fbi agent in charge. >> they had
next. uz)Ñ >> law enforcement agencies from across the world are in the second day of a brutal training exercise right here in the bay area urban shield 2013 is nearing it's completion. it's a regional preparedness exercise hosted by the alameda county sheriff's office. testing how prepared law enforcement agencies and first responders are to face a variety of high-pressure scenarios - such as a school shooting. by utilizing volunteers, the agencies go through training exercises for 48-hours straight.with little to no sleep. the idea is to simulate a real disaster. . to improve upon. urban shield comes to an end monday morning. coming up at eight. new concerns about obamacare. how safe is the healthcare site against cybercrime. we take a look. plus, a brutal mass murder in brooklyn. what would make a man kill his own family in cold blood? and a carnival ride gone bad, may be no accident. investigators are now saying somebody tampered with the ride at the state fair. details, next. a man has been arrested in connection with the murders of his five family members, including four children.
is protesting that change. >> reporter: there's people at dolores park planning to break city law in order to protest a proposed law to close the parks at night. it's a chilly night for a camp out in san francisco. but a hot button issue has a few protesters ready to spend the night at dolores park. >> this is also about criminalized poverty. >> they're proposing legislation to give parks uniformed closing time. >> the people who are in the parks at night aren't all causing trouble. they're people who are down on their luck and have nowhere to go. >> reporter: some neighborhood associations think it's about time. >> do you use the park between midnight and 5:00 a.m. >> no, as gavin newsom once said, nothing good happens after midnight. >> reporter: san francisco is the only major city in the country without a uniformed closing time for its parks. supervisor scott weiner sponsored the proposal. >> there's nothing more frustrating than to see vandalism in our parks. >> reporter: in may of last year, vandals struck the newly constructed dolorer park one day after it opened. vandals have cause
's people at dolores park planning to break city law in order to protest a proposed law to close the parks at night. it's a chilly night for a camp out in san francisco. but a hot button issue has a few protesters ready to spend the night at dolores park. >> this is also about criminalized poverty. >> they're proposing legislation to give parks uniformed closing time. >> the people who are in the parks at night aren't all causing trouble. they're people who are down on their luck and have nowhere to go. >> reporter: some neighborhood associations think it's about time. >> do you use the park between midnight and 5:00 a.m. >> no, as gavin newsom once said, nothing good happens after midnight. >> reporter: san francisco is the only major city in the country without a uniformed closing time for its parks. supervisor scott weiner sponsored the proposal. >> there's nothing more frustrating than to see vandalism in our parks. >> reporter: in may of last year, vandals struck the newly constructed dolorer park one day after it opened. vandals have caused millions of the dollars a year most of it h
ruled pg&e's legal team should be fined in kweks a pipeline record scandal. an administrative law judge recommending $6.5 million based on a finding pg&e failed to properly notify regulators about incorrect records related to three gas pipelines. record keeping problems cited as a factor in the explosion in 2010. >>> two massive pieces of a construction equipment turned up in the east bay following a theft we reported. the excavators taken from clayton and found near byron in eastern contra costa county this, is part of a costly trend. abc7 news reporter wayne freedman has the story. >> it's not the kind of item you'd stick into a hip pock writ to walk with. a 20,000 pound, $130,000 cater pillar. excavator. yet two, disappeared near clayton last week, much to the surprise of project managers. >> they're across the road over there on the shoulder. so they had to actually track both out. about 100 yards on the road. itself. more on load them on to a trailer. >> reporter: in contra costa county chp reports ten heists this year alone. dmv does not register the equipment making it more diff
>>> a suspected deadly drunk driving accident here in sonoma county, we will tell you what law enforcement is doing to combat drunk driving. >> live in san francisco where police are looking for a key witness who may have seen her days before her body was found in a stairwell, we will tell you how the public can help coming up. new information on a deadly shooting, the answers to one of the big questions. >> plus the cabinet member getting ready for tough questions, questioning about to start in a couple of minutes, we continue. >> complete bay area news coverage starts right now. >> welcome back, we want to take you to san francisco this morning, san francisco general hospital, new information coming in about that case that seems to still be a mystery of exactly what happened, a body of a woman found in a locked stairwell, she was a patient at san francisco general, brian flores is out there this morning with the new information. we will check in with him in just a moment. >>> it is wednesday, october 30th, almost the end of the month. i am pam cook. >> good morning, i am dave
is facing more than 20 years in jail to life with perot. --parol. e/ the to that law enforcement agencies from all over the state will be checking on sex offenders this halloween. it's the annual " operation boo" compliance check. some agencies will visit areas were sex offenders are required to abide by curfew hours. there will be up from 10--from 4 to 10:00 p.m. tonight. san revell police are looking for a bank robber believe to be behind a series of robberies in marin county. the latest robbery being yesterday morning. surveillance video shows a man walking into a wells fargo on las gallinas ave. and demanding cash. yesterday's crime is the ninth in a series that began last december. the man is described as light and in his 40's or 50's. police say he often strikes on wednesdays. police have released information about the shooting death of 13 year- old andy lopez. santa rosa police a witness who was in the area heard sheriff's deputy erick gelhaus order twice. order lopez to drop that that-what he believed was an ak-47 rifle twice. and the sheriff himself said he knows he yelled at lea
has spent 24 years in law enforcement. he's contributed to gun publications.and in 2008.he wrote an article for swat magazine. >> >> reporter:"today is the day you may need to kill someone in order to go home. >> reporter: somebody needs to be in charge, so make a decision." >> reporter:and in the same article, he said "when you are caught in an ambush, you need to make your decisions immediately and carry them out just as quickly. >> reporter:you need to shut down the bad guys who initiated the ambush so that you can go home." >> reporter:keep it tuned here to kron four as we continue to follow the latest with the andy lopez protests. you can also get updates on our facebook and twitter pages, kron four-dot-com, and our new mobile app. >> catherine: new at 8. in hopes of making shoppers feel safer on the streets of oakland's chinatown. a local businessman is bringing in >> catherine: kron 4's dan kerman has more. >> reporter: he is the one that will pay for the guard in the last year. it is his way to think think the committee for supporting the bake in the last 30 years. new to
. >> catherine: i forgot about that guy. >> catherine: a new law for parents. sexes. also -- texting in relationships. experts give us advice on whether it's a good idea. >> reporter: we have some changes i had this week forecast coming up. >>male, female -- and now in germany -- a third option. as of today - germany is the first country in europe to allow parents to not specify their child's gender on birth certificates. >> catherine: it's part of an effort to fight discrimination. but activists say the european union is still not moving quickly enough on the issue. cnn's fion-nuala sweeney reports >> reporter:claudia kreuzer says she was born with male and female sexual characteristics. claudia and partner, frances identify themselves as intersex. >> reporter:they say they often feel stigmatized because other people want to fit them into the typical male-female gender roles. >>"since you are the unknown gender you are often refused at first sight. if humans cannot allocate something, they are often suspicious and careful." german parents will now be allowed to leave the field for g
and said tsa and i shook my head and he kept going. the fbi said law enforcement shot and wounded the gunman. a note on the suspect made his intend to harm the tsa clear. he addressed them in the letter and stated he wanted to "instill fear into their traitorous minds." >> law enforcement said ciancia originally from new jersey sent text messages to family saying he was unhappy and discouraged living in los angeles. >> it was to his little brother and they had concern about it. >> police say ciancia had no history of violence or record of mental illness. >> gerardo hernandez was with the tsa for eight years. he was devoted to his family and ready to help anyone in need. he came to southern california at the age of 18 and graduated from los angeles high school. he is survived by a wife, a son and daughter. >> people in the gunman's hometown are stunned by his arrest. >> i am trying to process it. >> police have been surrounding ciancia's family home. the suspected shooter lived at the home before moving to los angeles two years ago. flights in and out of the area are back to normal
of discontent towards law enforcement in this community. today, nearly 1500 demonstrators are expect today pack on the pressure at yet another rally. as you -- as this is going on, we're also learning new details about the sheriff's deputy who shot andy lopez last week. he's identified as 48-year-old gelhaus. hees been with the sonoma county sheriff's department for more than 20 years. gelhaus is also a field training officer and firearm instructor. the sheriff's office says his deputies feel terrible about what happened. >> horrible tragedy for all involved. >> gelhaus is a veteran of the iraq war and contributor to several gun web sites and mack sooens. meanwhile take a look at lopez memorial. there is very little sympathy for gelhaus for andy lopez. to walk out of class again at 10:00 this morning, and demonstrators streets not the sidewalks. reporting live in santa rosa. back to the studio. >> kate, any word on what demonstrators plan to do today? >> well, michelle, according to the facebook page, the group plans to gather at the old -- i believe, tg old courthouse square, and then march to
and hold on to security clearance despite having past brushes with the law. >>> iraqi prime minister is on the visit to washington. trying to get more american aid. speaking this morning at the u.s. institute for peace. you are looking at video with him with vice president joe biden. this is a meeting they had yesterday. the iraqi government is hoping to get more weapons to fight the resurgeance of al-qaida. prime minister meets with president obama tomorrow. >> 7:15. also happening now. a big impact on air travellers. discussing the current ban on cell phones, ipads and other portable electronic devices during take off and landing. kyla is live. >> reporter: it is safe for passengers to use most electronic devices from gate to gate. we're taking a live look at this press conference which just started about five minutes ago. this is faa administrator. the timing of these rules will be up to individual airlines. the faa says connections to the internet are not going to be allowed below 10,000 feet and prior to today, passengers were not allowed to use portable electronic devices durin
. the federal appeals court reinstated a key part of a new abortion law that requires doctors performing abortions to have admitting privileges privileges na hospital with 30 mi. of their clinic. >> if third of the clinics in texas cannot perform abortions as a result of the ruling. the law is being challenged by planned parenthood, but will remain in effect during the lawsuit. >> michigan man claims he tipped federal investigators investigators to the location of osama bin laden compound and pakistan years before his killing. and now it is seeking the $25 million reward. in >> a letter from a chicago- based law form representing tom lee says the 63 year old jim merchant report the location of been laughton's, pakistan compound in 2003. the letter was sent by the law firm to the f-be-i in august. >> it said a pakistani intelligence agent told lee that he escorted been lied and his family to his compound. bid line was killed in may 2011 due in may still raid. >> the city of boston is celebrating its world series. winning this morning. it is a bittersweet feeling for being town because of
that don't meet the law's ten minimum standards, including maternity care, emergency visits mental health treatment and even pediatric dental care. that means consumers have to sign on to new plans even if they don't want or need the more generous coverage. industry experts say about half of the people getting these letters will pay more. half will pay less thanks to taxpayer subsidies. >> the winners outnumber the losers here. but because of all the website problems it's really hard to find out who all the winners are because they don't even know it themselves. >> now for people who have gotten the letters, that broken website say real problem. they don't know what to do, if they'll get subsidies. then there are other people who have very good insurance and they're being told they can't keep it. industry experts say for everyone, the best get to call your insurance companies to get information. >>> the obama administration is thinking seriously this morning about ending surveillance programs that eavesdrops from dozens of foreign leaders. the allies are sai
freedman abc7 news >> the mother of traf on-martin urging senators to change stand your ground laws. >> the shooting death of her 17-year-old son by neighborhood watch volunteer george zimmerman sparked debate over stand your ground laws. 22 states have them, giving individuals right to use deadly force to defend themselves. >> the person that shot and killed my son is walking streets today. and this law does not work. >> many senate democrats have been supportive of changing laws but republicans say that should be left up to individual states >>> family and friends of a murder victim arrived for the preliminary hearing of a 16-year-old boy. christian burton pled not guilty to shooting an off duty paramedic. his father says he's being framed police say boyar was killed in the oakland hills during an attempted car jacking in april. boyar's widow attended today's court hearing talking about what she hopes will come from the death. you'll hear from her coming up on abc7 news at 5:00 >> numbers show gang related homicide cases in the city of san jose are down by nearly 43% from this tim
or alcohol at this time. >> law enforcement received grants to enforce, that the bulk of the money will go to petaluma police who will manage the campaign here and that is certainly good news, especially coming up on the holiday when there will be a lot of people and a lot of children out trick or treating out on those streets, for now live here, christien kafton, ktvu channel 2 news. >> there is a new development in the case of the shooting there. janine de la vega is there this morning where police have released video of the suspects. janine. >> reporter: pam, cameras here at the spot nightclub captured video of all four suspects entering, before this shooting took place, one of them opened fire here before all of them sped off in cars. now, here is the video, right after the man in the cowboy hat enters you see a man with dark hair and a goatee enterand look around the club, he is in the center of the screen, then the second suspect walks in and looks down at his wallet then starts talking to the first suspect. the third suspect is a man who walks in wearing camouflage pants and tatoos
law. why they're now turn their attention to help this community college. when eyewitness news returns. >> and here's today's report from wall street. we will be right back. ,,,,,,,,, >>> 5:30. 71 degrees and mostly sunny. good evening. thank you for staying with wjz eyewitness news. here are some of the stories people are talking about tonight. police say a man stole the personal information of thousands of baltimore county workers. wjz is live. linh bui explains how he accessed that sensitive data. hi, linh. >> hey, kai. police have not yet identified the suspect. but we do know he worked for a contractor, hired by the county. >> reporter: the men worked on computers in baltimore county offices. but police say he stole personal information while on the job. >> there's the potential for misuse. and there's the potential to cause serious problems for the person whose identity has been stolen. >> reporter: misdiscovered this because they were already investigating him for printing false checks and using fake ids in 2012. >> while investigating that identity theft case, police reviewed t
and think they're above the law. >> the 86-page complaint ladies and alleges officers handcuffed him madicious -- maliciously. >> it was not discipline. there is no accountability. they fail to train, fail to supervise. and as a result, the sta citizens are placed in peril. >> reporter: they have not commented on the lawsuit. >>> a house fire has claimed the lives of two people in north baltimore. mary has the latest on the investigation. >> city fire officials say two elderly people died after being pulled from the home. you can see the extent of the damage done to the house. the fire appears to have started in a middle room on the first flar of the two staph hear duplex. fair are fire fire the -- firefighters say the two people died of asphyxiation, while being rushed to the hospital. >>> shot rang out just after 1:00 this afternoon. at 22nd and kennedy. one of the men was pronounced dead at the scene. the second of the transported to johns hopkins hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. >>> no arrests have been made. anyone with information is asked to contact baltimore city
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